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Moneral Design - Unique by Nature

What truly sets Moneral Design apart is the uniqueness that follows from combining a natural material with modern technology. The aspens, carefully selected by Eero Remes – the craftsman – himself, are transformed through meticulous technical processes into cocktail and dinner plates that turn every mealtime into a special occasion and make wonderful presents.


For professionals

Elicia dinner and cocktail plates are made of aspen and they have been treated with Moncoat™, a finish designed specifically for products that come into contact with foodstuffs. In commercial kitchens, Elicia dinner and cocktail plates can be washed in a dishwasher according to the DIN- norms set for washing dinner plates; the products last up to 30 washes. Manufacturer recommends to notice that the products calculatorily last mechanical (dining) and washing strain about 15 times.

Dinner plate Cocktail plate Place mats

Dinner plates

Cocktail plates

Place mats

Serving dish Serving plate

Serving dishes

Serving plates
Dinner set Cocktail set Serving set

Dinner Set

Cocktail Set Serving Set

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