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Retail products with themes for every occasion

Within the Retail Market Area Duni provides premium products that combine attractive design with great functionality to offer convenience and ambience enhancement for enjoyable meal moments.
Duni offers a wide selection of products suitable for any eating or drinking occasion including napkins, candles and table coverings as well as plastic items, such as glasses, cups, cutlery and plates.
Duni’s retail customers are mainly grocery stores, supermarkets, specialty retailers and interior design stores.

Emotions Sacchetto Tete-a-tete
Napkins Sacchetto Tête-à-Tête 3 in 1
Table covers Candles Plates
Table Covers Duni´s extensive range of candles Disposable Plates
Glasses C Naturalness
Glasses Culery Naturalness

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Download our latest catalogues:Winter 2013 (5.9 MB)
Duni Consumer Assortment 2013 (31 MB)

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