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Designing atmosphere for F&B professionals

Within the Professional Market Area Duni provides premium table top and serving products. Products include napkins, table coverings and placemats. Duni’s flexible designs allow customers to brand their own business by using Duni’s customized products.

Duni also offers meal handling solutions and concepts to the food service industry; take out restaurants, deli counters, industrial kitchens and caterers. Products include cardboard and plastic containers in different models and sizes for different types of food. The offering also includes food distribution systems, including packaging machines for food containers.

Duni’s professional customers are primarily found within the hotel, restaurant, catering and food service industry.

Amuse Biodegradable Cravatte


Biodegradable Cravatte
Cutlery Food solutions Table decorations


Food Solutions Table decorations
Year Round Spring / Summer 2009  

Year Round

Spring / Summer  

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