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NEW PRODUCT: Hand Cleansing Gel, Hand Wash Alcohol Gel

Hand cleansing gel or hand wash alcohol gel is designed for hand cleansing and germs killing without the need of washing your hands with water. Hand cleansing gel comes in many sizes. This hand cleansing gel product can be used with no need to wash your hands after use. Thus, it helps reduce an accumulation of diseases. It is used to cleanse hands while at the same time nourishing your skin with sweet pleasant flagrance odour. The hand cleansing gel is of clear lemon colour and has aroma smell like baby talc.
Major ingredients: Alcohol, triclosan, glycerine, aloe vera.

Three items are available:
1. Portable hand cleansing gel, net volume 40 gm.
2. Pump/spray bottle hand cleansing gel, net volume 450 gm.
3. Refillable bottle hand cleansing gel, net volume 3.8 litres.